To our parents and members

We hope that you are doing well and ready to get onto the tennis court again.

As per the President’s speech Sunday, May 24 the lockdown regulations will move to Level 3. What does this mean for tennis and coaching?

Tennis South Africa (TSA) has submitted a return to tennis proposal to government for review this month. This proposal makes the case that tennis (as well as other non-contact, individual sports) needs to be considered as a low risk activity, in the context of the national risk adjusted strategy. It also includes guidelines for how tennis could return in a staggered and manageable basis, in a way that is completely aligned to the five alert levels of the national risk adjusted strategy. These tennis guidelines have been shaped by international best practice, including guidance from the International Tennis Federation, but also consider our local conditions.

Thursday MAY 28, 2020: Statement

Tennis South Africa (TSA) has noted today’s announcement regarding the alert level 3 regulations, under the national risk adjusted strategy. TSA is in the process of requesting further information and clarification from the National Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, regarding aspects of these regulations – especially in terms of clubs and coaches. Our intention is to send out a clear communication about this, to our stakeholders, as soon as possible.

Friday & Saturday, May 29-30, 2020 

We as tennis business awaits official communication from TSA (Tennis South Africa) as to what the rules would be to a possible return to tennis / tennis coaching under Level 3. We expect the minister of sport to make an announcement this weekend around new sport regulations.

Next Steps… 

As soon as we know what is allowed and what are the rules of a possible return to tennis, we will communicate the way forward for the next month of June. Please check our Facebook page as well as our website for any communication. We thank you for your support and look forward seeing you on court again.

If you have any questions please Whatsapp Jean on 076 181 2094.

Best Regards,

Team Kinetik

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